Friday, July 16, 2010

Bloom Day July 2010

This has been a glorious year in the garden so far. Except for the storm that knocked down the delphiniums, which were amazing this year but the storm was too much for them, even staked. Here's some highlights...

A swallowtail butterfly (I think, I'm not a butterfly expert) enjoying the monarda, with a vigorous hops vine trailing along the porch.

The stairs leading to the garden. This was just planted last year and it has filled out beautifully.

Lacecap hydrangea in front of a hot pink astilbe

Lavender in bloom

The side garden with hydrangea, astilbe, spirea and the lacecap at the top, all in bloom

Echinacea just starting to open surrounded by veronica

Two of my favorite herbs, comfrey and borage, taking over their corner in bloom.


Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

I like the views of your garden, Linda, and its cool colors!

Anonymous said...

I have been enjoying the variegated comfrey. It is quite a substantial plant. Good to see you yesterday. I will be making tea for the weekend.