Thursday, September 9, 2010

Colors of Fall - Yellow

The yellows of Fall are as lovely as the reds. The peaches have been delicious this year, and I tried a new recipe for Spiced Peaches, which I canned. Delicious!

I was hoping to get to the orchard for more peaches, but the apples are already being picked. Everything is early this year and I can't keep up!

The calendula was very happy this year and still blooming away. I started making oil late, but will have plenty of flowers still to make a good amount. Here is the start of the oil, already a deep rich yellow color after just a few days. I continue to add flowers as they bloom and cover with oil (I'm using jojoba oil for this batch) and should have a full jar soon.

And the goldfinches are back again this summer. This thistle started growing in the middle of the echinacea bed. It doesn't belong there but I knew how much the goldfinches liked it so let it grow. And sure enough, they come every evening to pick at the thistle as well as the echinacea heads. I know I'm asking for trouble as I see the seeds floating all over the place, but I'd rather have the birds and just weed next year...

Colors of Fall - Red

Red is my favorite color, and the garden is filled with it right now. Starting with my finally red tomatoes! I was pulling out my green tomato recipes thinking that I would never see this color but here they are, ripening daily now. At last!

The scarlet sage is blooming happily. I usually grow Autumn Sage, which also has a nice red flower, but couldn't find it in the greenhouses this year. May need to try it from seed next year, I do miss it.
And of all the glorious chard colors, I love the red. Started from seed this year, the plant is very happy and ready to eat but I love looking at it in the garden.

The woods are ablaze in red as well. The jack-in-the-pulpit berries are brilliant, and the false solomon seal berries complement them. And yes, that is the monster poison ivy all around them, it was very aggressive this year.

And purple basil. Although not technically red, it makes a beautiful red vinegar. It's past time to make it, I better get this picked and bottled.